A Few Helpful Tidbits & Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. How does it work? 

A.  I am all about capturing those unique qualities that make up who you are!  For that reason, I only have a traveling studio so that I can come into your comfy space (especially with newborns), whether it is at your home, a special event, or park, where you’ll be most relaxed and most PHOTOGENIC While natural lighting usually creates the best pictures, I do come prepared with lights, backdrops, and props (especially for newborns).  I photograph all genres of photography.

Q. How do I reserve a date?

A. You’re ready for pictures?  Great! I'm ready to take them.  I do require that the photographer session fee be paid in-full prior to your photo session.  This is a non-refundable deposit to cover for my time and mileage.  I will call you to reserve your date and email you a copy of a standard photographer/client contract. PLEASE NOTE: I will bring a hard copy to be signed prior to the photography session.

Q. How long does a session take?

ARather than over-booking and feeling rushed, I make quality a priority and schedule for plenty of time with each client.  Depending on client needs, most sessions take around 1.5 -2 hours (especially with clothing changes). A newborn photo session can take up to 3-4 hours to capture the perfect moments.  Weddings are a little different.  If you would like more than four hours of coverage, additional charges will be applied.

 Q. How many people can be in pictures?

A. I have photographed MANY  large groups and am happy to customize your session accordingly. I ask that you give advance notice so that I can plan accordingly.  

Q. Can I reschedule my appointment?

A. Family emergencies do arise and I completely understand.  Due to the amount of travel and planning required to photograph in different states and regions, I ask for a 48 hour rescheduling notice.  AS FOR NEWBORNS, SEE  NEWBORN SECTION BELOW!!

Q. How many backgrounds and clothing changes will be used?

A. That entirely depends upon you.  From backgrounds to props, bows, and clothes, I typically like to have at least four different looks.  

Q. What should we wear?

A. Solids and complimentary colors work very well.  A scarf or statement jewelry piece can add a great pop of color to give a modern twist to your images.  Patterns also work as long as they aren’t overly busy and detract from you.  Younger children have limited patience so always start with your favorite outfit first! 

Q. What should we bring?

A.  For children, a prop, such as a kite or balloon, always lends to cute images.  If you have a blanket you really like, a vintage bicycle, or any item that you may want to incorporate, bring it.  We don’t have to use all the props but when in doubt, it’s better to bring it than to leave it.  A change of clothing is fine too.  If you are a senior, the focus is on you and of course you’ll have more than one clothing change.

Q. I really like this pose, can you duplicate that look?

A.  I love to work with any ideas you have and will be glad to incorporate poses you like - so please bring your ideas! 

Q. How many pictures do we get to view and are the images retouched?

A.  I offer at least 30 images depending on the session.  Weddings, of course, will have far more than 30 images. All images are edited and polished in the sense that if you have a small blemish, that will be removed but you will still look realistic and natural.  Custom color effects and editing will also be done to some of the images.

Q. How long does it take to view, order, and receive the images?

A I provide each client with a password-protected online gallery for viewing your images.  This is usually available within 2 weeks of your session.  After payment and order placement, images are mailed to you 4-6 weeks from order date. 

Q. Can I rush an order?

A. While I can’t rush image prints, for an additional processing fee of $125, I will overnight digital files ordered from the online gallery.  In that case, images may arrive as early as 16 days from session date. 

Q. How long is my online gallery available for viewing and how long do I have to place an order?   

A. Your gallery is available for 30 days and that is also the amount of time you have to purchase and order images.  If you want your gallery reposted, I will gladly place it up for an additional week for $50. 

Q. When do I pay for pictures?

A. All orders are required to be paid in full at time of ordering so that your images may be processed. 

More specifically NEWBORN RELATED:

Q. How do I schedule my newborn photo session when I don’t know when he/she will be born?

AJust tell me your estimated due date and I will block off an appointment time around that.  When your baby finally does make his/her grand entrance, contact me as soon as you possible and I'll book a specific date.  It is best that newborn sessions be held within 10 days of birth (unless born prematurely)…that is when we are going to get the most cooperation from your little one for all of those adorable newborn poses. The MOST important thing, however, is to book your session as soon as you can WHILE you’re pregnant. Please don’t wait until your baby is born to avoid not having an available time slot.  I certainly don’t want you to miss out on those precious newborn images!  

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for the newborn shoot?

A. PLEASE make sure you keep your newborn awake for at least 2 hours before the shoot and do not feed the newborn until right before scheduled appointment.  This is VERY important so that your newborn will sleep during the majority of your session. It’s recommended that you bathe your baby the night before and not day of so that the baby’s skin isn’t flaky.  Also please make sure their nails have been filed or trimmed (no additional marks on skin). While most shots of newborns are most adorable in their birthday suit, it’s best to dress them in a loose outfit that won’t leave imprints on their skin. 

Q. Who may attend my baby's pictures and how many people may be in my baby photos?

A. To get those must-have newborn images, babies often take much care and soothing.  This means sessions can last as long as 4 hours. Since babies do best in a calm atmosphere, it is recommended that only the parents and at most a couple of others be present.  If group pictures are desired, please have siblings and friends come for the last hour. 

Q. What outfits, toys, blankets should I set aside? 

AI always encourage my clients to think outside of the box!  SO yes, if you have a little bowl, container, or dish that your baby may fit in, set it aside!  Big blankets and quilts are great.  As for clothes, they are often too big for your newborn, but diaper covers, hats, head bands, and bows are great accents.   If you don't have much to use, I always brings additional props. 

Do you have additional questions?  Please call me at 405.812.2304.  I’ll  gladly assist. 



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